Slaughter Design Studio | Interior Design

“A designer has the invitation to create profound spaces that will be remembered for their impact on people.”

– Graham Reynolds, Composer



We exist to design spaces that reflect who you are. We do this by taking time to know.


We believe in the convergence of great design and building a new relationship. Uniqueness and variety make design engaging; so why not see each individual for who she is and begin from there.

The people we work with want a “forever home” that uniquely mirrors their personality, aging elegantly and gracefully, full of life.

Our clients don’t want an “off-the-shelf” design. Neither do we. We serve people who desire something timeless and high-quality. People who are

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themselves timeless and high-quality. When a space reflects a client, it solves the great dilemma of “home”, becoming a place where you and everyone would like to Isn’t that the whole point? To enjoy one another in a process that results in something completely bespoke to you, that invites others in, that invites you in, every day?


What We Value



Relationship built on listening, face-time and empathy.




Tending to the important things on behalf of those we serve.



Competent Creativity

Elevated taste and style on the shoulders of organization and expertise.

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See spaces that reflect the people we have worked with.

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